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Providing excellence in sports medicine continuing education and evidence-based policy implementation.

continuing education for coaches and sports medicine

Empowering Coaches With Our Approach to Athlete Safety

EPIC Education and Consulting is committed to championing the health and safety of young athletes through a holistic approach that encompasses education, policy implementation, and collaborative partnerships. Through our diverse range of initiatives, including engaging seminars, informative webinars, and accessible resources, we empower coaches, parents, and athletes with the knowledge and tools needed to prioritize athlete well-being. Additionally, we collaborate closely with organizations such as school boards, dioceses, and sports medicine companies to develop and implement effective policies that safeguard athletes and promote a culture of safety in sports participation. Together, let us join forces in our mission to protect and empower youth athletes, ensuring they can pursue their passion with confidence and thrive both on and off the field.

Consulting Services Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of Your Organization

At EPIC Education and Consulting, we are dedicated to serving the community by prioritizing the health and safety of youth athletes. Our multifaceted approach encompasses education, policy implementation, and collaborative partnerships to create a comprehensive support system for athletes, coaches, and organizations.

athlete injury prevention

Education for Excellence

We believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to safeguarding the well-being of young athletes. Through engaging seminars, informative webinars, and accessible resources, we equip coaches, parents, and athletes with the latest evidence-based practices in sports medicine. Our educational initiatives cover a wide range of topics, including concussion management, emergency action planning, mental health awareness, and nutrition, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions for the benefit of athletes.

athlete wellness

Policy Implementation for Protection

Effective policies are the cornerstone of athlete safety. We work closely with school boards, dioceses, and sports medicine companies to develop and implement policies that prioritize athlete well-being. From ensuring compliance with state regulations to optimizing protocols for injury prevention and response, we strive to create environments where athletes can thrive with confidence.

continuing education for athletes and sports medicine

Consulting Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our consulting services are designed to meet the unique needs of each organization we serve. Whether you require a one-time educational course, ongoing webinar series, policy review, or customized support package, we offer flexible solutions to address your specific goals and challenges. Let us partner with you to elevate athlete safety and elevate the standards of care in your community.

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Sports Medicine Consulting Services

EPIC Education is currently offering consulting services to school boards, dioceses, sports medicine companies, and recreational facilities to enhance safety of athletes during sports participation. Basic consulting contractual services include the following:

  • One-time annual education course for coaches to meet state requirements of Youth Concussion and Serious Sports Injury Laws
    • Or a review of current educational programming to assure compliance with current laws and optimization of knowledge transfer of participants.
  • A quarterly online webinar for coaches, parents, and athletes to attend to enhance knowledge on health and safety during sports participation.
    • Topics may include, but are not limited to, athletic trainer role, concussion return to play/learn, emergency action planning, medical time outs prior to events, mental health of athletes, nutrition, sportsmanship, Stop the Bleed initiative, sudden cardiac death (AEDs), and weather safety.
  • A monthly e-mail communication to athletic trainers and parish administrators to distribute to coaches, parents, and athletes through e-mail and social media platforms to serve as reminder messages to proper implementation of policies and procedures.
  • A review of current policy and procedures related to sports participation to provide recommendations to follow best practices.
    • Examples include AED policies, CPR/AED requirements for coaches, mental health emergency action plans (EAPs), venue-specific EAPs, and weather policies (heat and lightning)

Empowering coaches to safeguard youth athletes with knowledge and collaboration.

continuing education for coaches and sports medicine

Our Vision

Providing excellence in sports medicine continuing education and evidence-based policy implementation


Our Mission

To enhance the health of youth athletes through cultivation of collaborative relationships, delivery of educational seminars, and implementation of evidence-based techniques to improve safety during sports participation.

J.D. Boudreaux, ED.D., PT, LAT, ATC, SCS

J.D. Boudreaux received a Bachelor of Science degree from McNeese State University in 2003 as well as a Masters of Physical Therapy from LSU Health Sciences Center-Shreveport in 2005. In August of 2003, he became nationally certified as an athletic trainer and obtained his Sports Certified Specialist certification through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties in 2011. He recently completed his EdD degree from the University of Louisiana Monroe in Curriculum and Instruction in the Fall of 2018.

He has over ten years of experience as a dual credentialed sports medicine professional. He has spent seven years managing acute athletic injuries and directing the post-surgical rehabilitation of high-level athletes at the collegiate level. Furthermore, he has served as a visiting lecturer and clinical preceptor for an ATEP program. Currently, he is employed by a private outpatient sports medicine clinic delivering care in conjunction with other medical professionals to a variety of individuals, including high school and collegiate athletes.

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coach of the year award

Coach of the Year Award

Beginning in 2019, EPIC Education began awarding an Annual Coach of the Year Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize coaches for all they do to serve their local communities.
youth athlete star award

Youth Star Award

Beginning in 2018, EPIC Education began awarding youth facilities with the Youth STAR Award to recognize youth leagues and athletic venues/facilities for implementing proper standards of healthcare and safety for youth athletes.

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